5 Reasons Why Moissanite Is Being Chosen by More People Than Ever

In the field of engagement rings, diamonds are the most traditional gemstones, but there is a gemstone alternative that is becoming an increasingly popular option, and for good reason.

Moissanite Ring

Moissanite And The Process of Making It

Moissanite is an organic material that occurs naturally. In other words, it is a silicon carbide, which is a compound that contains both silicone and carbon.

Meteorites contain silicon carbide, as Moissan discovered in Arizona. In fact, silicon carbide is a frequent form of stardust found throughout the universe.

Since moissanite is extremely rare in nature, moissanite used in engagement rings and jewelry is grown in laboratories.

Thermal decomposition is used in labs to produce moissanite, which mimics the conditions required for natural moissanite. In order to achieve the best quality moissanite, the process is carried out in a highly specialized, controlled laboratory environment. 

After the moissanite is produced it is faceted and cut to different shapes so it can be used in round moissanite engagement rings, oval engagement rings and more.

Moissanite And The Process of Making It

Fun Fact: Lab-grown diamonds are also available in order to create environmentally sustainable lab-created diamond wedding bands.

lab-grown diamonds

Charles & Colvard were the first to use moissanite in engagement rings. Forever One Moissanites are very popular among engagement rings in Canada and all around the world. Moissanites, nowadays, are produced by a lot of companies, and most of them maintain very high standards. At AGI Design, we offer both Forever One Moissanite and Premium Moissanite engagement rings in platinum and gold.


1. Moissanite is an Ethical and Sustainable Material

The Moissanite gemstone is regarded as an ethical and sustainable gemstone. In addition, it is also a gemstone of excellent quality on its own, which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring in Canada.

There is an advantage to moissanite engagement rings and other moissanite  jewelry over mined diamonds in that it does not have the same human impact. Due to the fact that moissanite is produced in the lab, there is no need to mine for producing moissanite. It means that there is no direct damage to natural environments, no disruption of ecosystems, and no loss of biodiversity as a result of this activity.


2. The Durability

Among all gemstones, moissanite is ranked as the second-hardest stone in the mineral kingdom according to the Mohs scale, with a rating of 9.25 out of 10. Its sturdy and durable characteristics make this gem an excellent choice for moissanite engagement rings in Canada and around the world for everyday use due to its durability and strength. There is no limit to the type of engagement ring setting that can be used with moissanite. In delicate styles like solitaires or pave settings, they do not require protection as they are durable enough. Similarly to diamonds, they work with any metal color, including yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum.


3. Performance

The moissanite gemstone is one of the most brilliant gemstones due to its exceptional sparkle. When viewed under light, especially natural light, Moissanites show what is known as a 'rainbow effect,' which is a fiery and colorful flash of color. The high Refractive Index (2.65) of moissanites is the reason for this. The round and oval moissanite engagement rings exhibit the most brilliance and sparkle.

moissanite gemstone

4. Affordability

There are many attractive advantages of working with moissanite, such as the fact that you can get a large, diamond-like center stone for your gold or platinum engagement ring in Canada at a much lower cost than working with other gemstones. If making a statement with a round, oval or other moissanite engagement ring  is important since moissanite is one of the most suitable and affordable gemstones for you. 

What is the price difference between moissanite and diamonds? You'd need to budget between $20,000 and 25,000 if you wanted a 2.00 ct. mined oval diamond solitaire ring. In comparison, an oval moissanite engagement ring would cost approximately $2,500-3,500. The affordability makes the difference!


5. Online Moissanite Shopping

It is easy to buy moissanite engagement rings online in Canada and around the world due to its selection, convenience, reviews, and return policies.

It is essential that the moissanite stone you choose has the perfect shape and color. It's also important to choose a band design and material that is durable, yet feels comfortable for the person wearing it.

Also,when you purchase your engagement ring online, you will have the opportunity to compare the prices of several reputable online retailers before making your purchase. Your moissanite ring will be shipped straight to your house once you have selected it. It literally takes you no time at all to access the largest inventory of moissanite engagement rings, and the best values available anywhere.

Furthemore, the reviews of past customers can give you a better understanding of the common problems that have arisen over time with a particular moissanite engagement  ring. Reviewers may reveal what they love most about the ring and provide reassurance in positive reviews.

In addition, It is not uncommon for us to buy an engagement ring and then feel like it isn't the right ring after a few days. Return policies are crucial in these situations. Most online stores allow returns if you aren't satisfied. This is only logical, when you make your buying decision based on the images. 


6. One Stop Shop for Moissanite

At AGI Design, you can get an outstanding, high quality moissanite engagement ring, which is ethically produced at an affordable price. AGI Design offers not only affordable prices, but also a lifetime moissanite warranty, as well as a painless and easy way to return the product if you don't like it.

Please feel free to contact any of our staff members if you are having trouble making a decision or if you have any questions. Send us a message for expert advice and a free quote for your dream engagement ring. Ring-shopping is easier than you think with AGI Design! 

Nevertheless, if you are searching for unique jewelry, custom lab-created diamond rings, moissanite jewelry in Canada is a great choice. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver the highest quality jewelry while keeping all their requirements in mind.