Premium Moissanite

Our premium Moissanite offers high quality at a lower cost, perfect for customers who prioritize quality over brand name.




Engagement rings are the epitome of love, laughter, and happily ever after. The tradition of symbolizing love through engagement rings has stood the test of time. The Romans believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger of our left hand – the ring finger – to our heart, and named this vein the vein of love. Even today, we wear rings on our ‘ring fingers’ to seal our fate as a couple and to symbolize eternal love....

The perfect way to participate in this tradition with your beloved is by wearing our exclusive, platinum moissanite rings . At AGI Design, we want to help you create the most special memory as you take this next step with your partner – a memory that will last a lifetime.

If you are lucky enough to find your partner for life, then it's time to pledge your love in the most authentic way. Get down on one knee holding not just any ring – but the ring that will mark the perfect start to your beautiful journey.

Let us help you find your dream moissanite engagement ring. We have a wide range of designs to choose from, alongside custom ring options to capture your unique relationship. Do not hesitate to reach out so that we can help you prepare for the next step in your love story.




We know that you want to get your partner their dream ring – a ring that represents your everlasting love and commitment. At AGI Design, we want to help you find just that. Our stunning, platinum moissanite rings will perfectly embody the strength and beauty of your relationship as you take things to the next level. 

That special someone in your life deserves a ring of the highest quality. That’s why we offer only perfectly-cut and shaped moissanite gemstones. Regardless of the shape – whether you have your heart set on a gorgeous round, square, or oval moissanite stone  – we will ensure you pop the question with the most beautifully-crafted ring. Our moissanite stones have incredible, top-grade clarity, and can be enclosed by a platinum or gold band. Our signature platinum rings are a popular choice among our customers; many of our love-birds enjoy the unique feel of the material. Platinum weighs approximately 40% more than 18 karat gold, so you can definitely feel the difference the moment it’s on your finger. 

At AGI Design, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect ring that can be passed down for generations – at an affordable price. Whether that’s a stunning Forever One™ moissanite stone , Premium Moissanite or a beautiful lab-created diamond platinum band, we have the ring for you. 

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