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24 products


Fancy colored moissanite 


FMoissanite can come in many different colors. Stones in various shades of yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, and gray, just to name a few of the common colors.
Aqua-teal moissanite
At Agi Design we like the idea of being able to offer engagement rings with aqua colored moissanite. ...

We have a variety of gorgeous aqua-teal colored moissanite cut to perfection in round, oval, marquise and any other shape your heart desires. It has the sparkle and durability of moissanite and the colour of the sky and sea. The aqua-teal moissanite is vivid and saturated in color with a beautiful, rich hue. The blue shades of the stone resemble the spring sky and the first rays of the sun piercing the cold waves of the sea. Its beauty is discreet, unobtrusive, but so intriguing and alluring.

Gray moissanite
At AGI Design gray moissanite engagement ringsIare available for sale. These rings are unique in every way. Gray moissanite appears lighter and warmer outdoors on a cloudy day and will seem almost blue in tone on a sunny one. Whereas indoors under artificial lighting, they appear saturated with deep and dark potent grey hue. Engagement rings with gray moissanite are an example of a rare combination of severity, glamour, and originality. Gray moissanite symbolizes wisdom. There is no person who adores or hates this shade. It is neutral. Although gray does not evoke vivid and violent emotions, it carries a certain maturity. Therefore, people who wear gray jewelry are intuitively perceived as understanding life. Gray moissanite emphasizes status and self-confidence. Gray moissanite can fit any look.

Green moissanite
Investing in engagement rings with green moissanitethat is set in yellow, rose, or white gold is an excellent option for those who love to feel like it's summer or spring all year long. Green moissanite surrounded by lab-created diamonds will accentuate the depth of green and brown eyes! Moissanite of green color provides a positive feeling and is calming. It inspires optimism.Green moissanite is a symbol of harmony, it attracts and beckons. Looking at him, a person is freed from negative emotions, finds peace and tranquility. Green moissanite brings peace and security. Green moissanite will always enjoy its well-deserved popularity, attract attention and delight.Green moissanite in beautiful frames is able to both calm a person and push him to take action. At AGI Design we love green moissanite and craft real masterpieces of jewelry art with this green stone

The rich color of moissanite is harmoniously combined with yellow, rose, or white gold . Scattering of gems in an elegant setting adds sophistication to an engagement ring. So if you are looking for some high quality colored moissanite engagement ring in Canada, we got you covered.