Are Lab-Grown Diamonds the Future's Gemstone?

Everyone loves a diamond's sparkle, but the sustainability, cost and ethics that come with natural diamonds raise many questions and concerns when purchasing diamond wedding bands, engagement rings or any piece of jewellery. That's why as technology continues to progress, lab-made diamonds have become a popular choice and continue to see favorability in our store based in Toronto, as well as across the globe.

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What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?​

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as lab-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds, are a marvel of human engineering. After many years of technological advances, we have been able to replicate in a controlled lab environment the same process under which natural diamonds are created beneath the earth's surface. Chemically speaking diamonds are just carbon atoms structured in a very specific formation, moulded by the pressure and heat in the crust of the earth.

By using carbon and simply mimicking this high heat and pressure environment we have been able to create lab-grown diamonds indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Both the lab-created and natural varieties exhibit the same visual, optical and chemical features and properties both having a marvellous sparkle and an extremely durable form. This new technology has also presented an opportunity to make coloured diamonds a lot more feasible to obtain. Usually, natural diamonds obtain their colour when trace elements are combined with carbon as the diamond forms, affecting the final colour of the gemstone.

This process in nature is very rare and makes natural coloured diamonds very expensive. However, within this controlled environment scientists and technicians are able to manually introduce these trace elements creating specific and replicable colours making coloured diamonds a lot easier to obtain and a lot more budget-friendly.

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Why are Lab-Grown Diamonds Preferable to Natural Diamonds?

In Canada and across the world, lab-grown diamonds continue to gain popularity when choosing a stone for your engagement ring, wedding band or whatever elegant piece you were looking for. There are several reasons people prefer lab-created over natural diamonds, some being the lack of imperfections, sustainability, ethics, affordability and sourcing of the stones.

In our store in Toronto and in almost any other place in the world, you will see that lab-created diamonds have fewer visual imperfections and are higher in their visual purity. The controlled environment these stones are made in allows for technicians and scientists to methodically create these stones with very few or even no impurities. Using this technology to grow diamonds in a lab also prevents defects from occurring when producing these stones guaranteeing prolonged durability and visual excellence.

Another major advantage of purchasing jewellery with lab-created diamonds is their sustainability. These gemstones are created without the need for mining or any other environmentally harmful process which is often a consequence of natural diamond distribution. These stones being made in the lab leaves a much smaller carbon footprint and do not leave a massive mark on the ecosystems around the world.

This controlled environment also allows for more control over the ethical treatment of workers and surrounding areas in which these labs are located. Professional and verified lab-created diamond distributors create a much fairer work and production environment. Lab diamonds are also traceable back to their source for this very reason which only adds to the ethical guarantee when purchasing your engagement ring, wedding band or any piece of jewellery with lab-created diamonds.

Another large reason natural diamonds are not favourable compared to lab-created is their price. We often see people opting for lab-created diamonds due to their affordable price which allows you to stay within your budget. All these factors combined make lab-grown diamonds the better and more preferred choice when selecting gemstones for any piece of jewellery in Canada or anywhere in the world.

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Future of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Over the past few decades, lab-created diamonds have significantly grown in popularity. Although natural diamonds are still often used, many popular brands, as well as local jewellers, have begun to incorporate and encourage the use of lab-grown diamonds in their designs. And as companies move towards more sustainable practices their gemstones tend to gain praise and support as in this day and age being conscientious about the impact your purchases make is very important.

Using more eco-friendly energy sources such as solar and hydro and innovative technologies to find sustainable carbon sources has attracted a lot of attention to the lab-created diamond field. As science continues to advance and grow in its potential so will the popularity of lab-grown diamonds and the public will begin turning their eyes away from natural and toward lab-grown.

Lab diamonds also present an opportunity to keep diamonds as a whole eternal. Natural diamonds take centuries to form and as we continue to mine them they become increasingly rare. Eventually, natural diamonds will become impractical to mine due to their rarity and this is where lab diamonds can fill this gap.

As the demand for diamonds is not decreasing, lab-grown diamonds will provide people with an opportunity to wear their engagement ring, wedding band or any other piece with this magnificent gemstone. Lab-grown diamonds present an opportunity for everlasting beauty that not only encourages sustainability but also ensures that this generation and the many to come will have a chance to wear this stunning stone themselves.

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Where Can I Buy High-Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds on a Budget?

Here at AGI Design, we offer a variety of designs that use high-quality lab-grown diamonds for all. If you are working with a strict budget or have a beautiful design personal to you in mind we are more than happy to assist you in the process of creating a custom lab-grown diamond engagement ring, wedding band or any piece for that matter.  We also offer a variety of pieces in which you can request to use our stunning high-quality lab-grown diamonds.

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