5 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Custom Moissanite Engagement Ring in Canada

You are about to make the most significant step of your life, proposing to that one and only person, the love of your life, your best friend and the one that means most to you, shouldn’t the ring you put on their finger be as uniquely crafted as they are themselves? 

A custom moissanite engagement rings is the best option when looking for a ring that’s uniquely yours. When choosing to custom design your engagement ring, you can customize it from the stone to the band to the most delicate details until that engagement ring is as unique and one of a kind as you and the love story you share. 

Once you have decided to purchase a custom moissanite engagement ring, it’s time to choose your jeweler, the materials your engagement ring will be made from and the design of the ring itself. But before you set out to do all of those exciting things, read on and learn about the most important things to know about creating a custom engagement ring in Canada. 

1. Custom-made Pieces take More Time. 

custom made ring

When embarking on the journey of creating a custom moissanite engagement ring in Canada, you should consider several aspects of this process, one of them being your timeline. Creating a custom ring takes longer than walking into a store and purchasing one; consider the steps needed to design the ring and make it, all while you will need to approve each step and detail in between. A custom engagement ring may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to create, depending on the design and details, therefore make sure to start the process well ahead of your planned proposal date to avoid any surprises down the road. 

2. Consider your Budget 

One of the first and most essential steps in creating your custom moissanite engagement ring in Canada is your budget. Be sure to mention your maximum budget to your jeweler before designing your ring. 

Many aspects influence the final price of the ring, such as your choice of metal, gemstones, and your design’s complexity. 

Once you let your jewelry designer know your maximum budget, they will keep that in mind while helping you design your ring. 

The average price for a moissanite engagement ring in Canada is between $1000-$4000.

3. Work with your Jeweler.

Most people that choose to custom design their engagement ring have a specific design in mind. So be sure to share your design ideas and inspiration with your jeweler right away. However, if you are not one of those people and are unsure of what you would like your ring to look like, take the time to do some research and look at pre-made engagement rings to get inspired and enlist the help and expertise of your jewelry maker. 

Your jeweler can help guide you through the design process and make it easier to navigate all of the options available to you, such as gold versus platinum or diamond versus moissanite. Those are all decisions your jeweler can help you navigate with ease. 

4. Choosing the Band 


One of the benefits of designing a custom moissanite engagement ring is choosing the materials you want it to be made from. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are many precious metals to choose from; for example, you might want to select a traditional band made out of yellow gold, white gold or platinum, or you may choose to stand out and decide to go with a non traditional band made out of rose gold, titanium, palladium or a mix of metals. Whatever you decide, make sure to consider all of your options before settling on your metal of choice. 

Remember, an engagement ring is a symbol of your love, forever. 

Attention to detail and your choice of precious metal are crucial in the quality and durability of the ring. 

5. Choosing your Gemstones. 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or are they? 

When choosing gemstones for your custom engagement ring, the choices are endless. 

While a white diamond has been the traditional choice for decades, it is no longer ideal. So here is your chance to be creative and design a true one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring for your one-of-a-kind significant other. 

You can choose a coloured diamond such as pink, yellow or blue, or select another gemstone altogether. 

You can go for a precious gemstone such as sapphire, a ruby or an emerald. Or, you can choose a semi-precious gemstone such as aquamarine, amethyst or citrine. But by far, one of the best choices on the market today is moissanite! 

Moissanite is an eco-friendly and less expensive choice that will dazzle anyone with its clarity and brilliant fiery rainbow flashes. A custom moissanite engagement ring in Canada is one of your best, environmentally friendly, durable and economical choices and moissanite is stunning. 

With so many options to choose from, take your time to familiarize yourself with the gemstones that appeal to you the most, not only with the type of gemstone you would like but also get to

know the different shapes and sizes and choose what type of shape and size will most suit your custom engagement ring. 

After choosing the center star of your custom engagement ring, it’s time to have fun and get creative with side stones, halos and gemstone studded bands. 

Last but not least, enjoy the process! 

Remember to relax and have fun with it; after all, this is a symbol of your love, devotion and commitment to the most uniquely fantastic person you are about to spend the rest of your life with; stress shouldn’t be one of the emotions involved in this delicate process. 

Nonetheless, if at any point during the process of creating your custom moissanite engagement ring you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just remember why you are doing it in the first place and be sure to ask your jeweler for guidance; he is there to help guide you and make the creation of your custom moissanite engagement ring as pleasant and memorable as possible. 

If you are ready to take the leap and customize an engagement ring, we will be overjoyed to help you on this journey. At AGI Design, we specialize in custom-made moissanite engagement rings in Canada, as well as wedding bands and other custom jewelry designs and creations.