Exhibit Your Personality With Brightly Coloured Moissanite Rings

Coloured moissanite is the best and most unique way to exhibit your personality through what you wear. Gemstones made of moissanite can be brownish, brightly yellow, colourless, or transparent. A number of techniques can alter the stones' hue. This makes it simpler for clients to achieve any elaborate colour they desire. Engagement rings made of moissanite can be practically any shade and tint. There are many different shades to choose from, such as green, grey, aqua-teal, gold or brown. Pick whatever colour your heart desires. Everybody can have the fancy coloured moissanite they want in their jewellery collection thanks to the wide range of coloured jewels we have available. Each exotic coloured moissanite engagement ring is custom made to reflect the personality and taste of the user.



Coloured moissanite gemstones are created by the process of chemical vapour deposition. Typically, a bonding agent is placed to the bottom half of the stone before a thin coat of colour. This shade reflects in the stone to give it the desired fancy appearance. 

The classic moissanite stone colour for an engagement ring is clear or colourless, however nowadays coloured moissanite jewellery is becoming more popular. 

When mounted in an etched setting on any metal, moissanite performs exceptionally well. A coloured moissanite engagement ring will appear larger in a complex setting due to its brilliance because it sparkles and shines so effectively. One of the main advantages moissanite has over diamonds and diamond alternatives is the way it captures light, which can overwhelm all other factors. Given all of those elements, it's understandable why the coloured moissanite engagement ring is growing in popularity due to its fire and luminosity. It's time to choose your engagement ring now that you've made the decision to propose.


A moissanite gemstone, especially coloured moissanite can mean many different things. Moissanite is thought to encourage people to achieve their goals, bring luck into their life, and discover latent potential. Maybe the beautiful stone, which glows more than real diamonds, provides individuals the assurance to carry out all of the aforementioned. You can express so much of your personality with the coloured moissanite ring you chose. Each colour can represent something different to every person.

Choosing a yellow tinted moissanite stone can represent happiness and joy! Yellow is a colour that represents the sun. It stands for ebullience, vitality, joy, happiness, and camaraderie. It could also mean intelligence. If you are generally a happy and joyful person then a yellow moissanite engagement ring may be the one for you. It can exhibit the joy and happiness in your personality through its coloured shine and sparkle. 

joy and happiness

The colour blue is a relaxing, cool main colour that symbolises wisdom, openness, spirituality, and creativity. Because it represents knowledge, trust, loyalty, and strength, blue is a favourite colour among major corporations, hospitals, and airlines. It calms the mind and avoids confusion. If you relate with these traits on any level then an aqua teal moissanite engagement ring is best for you. It will accurately exhibit your personality through this brightly coloured moissanite ring. And it allows for you to convey your personality in a different and more meaningful way. 


Green, which combines the strength of blue and yellow, is typically the hue of nature and the environment. It is linked to development, well-being, rebirth, youth, harmony, vitality, and fertility. On the other hand, it might represent security both literally and metaphorically. Some individuals closely identify it with money. If you or your partner are people who love nature and connect with it then green coloured moissanite jewellery can allow for you to express this part of yourself in a unique way. 


Grey serves as a metaphor for balance and neutrality in colour psychology. Its meaning as a colour likely stems from its being a tint between black and white. Grey is the hue of complexity, anything that is between absolutes, and is morally ambiguous and impartial. Grey is an underappreciated hue that is extremely fascinating when you look a little closer. Grey tends to have a dampening impact on other colours as well as our moods, while its physical effects are less noticeable than those of other colours. Although it is cool and detached, too much grey, especially if it is a dark grey, can be unpleasant. Grey is the ideal neutral because it can balance stronger colours and unify colour schemes. If you as a person are more calm, neutral,  and do not enjoy too much attention then a grey coloured moissanite may resonate and represent you the best. 


There are so many ways to represent your personality, through your clothes, words, or actions. But representing it through a coloured moissanite engagement ring is next level. It is such a unique, meaningful, and new way to exhibit who you are. There are many different colours to represent you best, choose the one that you like most to have the most amazing and individual ring. AGI Design can help you customise and design your dream coloured moissanite jewellery.