How Do I Find Out What Engagement Ring She Secretly Wants

You’re thinking about asking that special question and it's now time to find the perfect engagement ring to commemorate your love and commitment. When choosing the perfect ring for your future bride, there are several factors to consider. Does she prefer yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum in terms of aesthetics and lifestyle? What is the best setting for her engagement ring? What is her favorite moissanite shape? The following tips will help you determine which type of moissanite engagement ring she would prefer. 

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Consult her closest friends and family

It would be her best friend who would know what moissanite engagement ring she wants. The person with whom she discusses everything. When she needs to vent or have a good talk, she calls this person. It may be helpful to ask her best friend, her sisters, or her mother if you are able to do so. She probably has shared her preferences with them regarding the design of her moissanite engagement ring. In any case, they will have the most comprehensive knowledge of her style and taste and will be able to give you recommendations. Those closest to her will be able to provide the best insight into what type of moissanite engagement ring she would like.


Take a look at her social media accounts

She may have shared some hints or clues (perhaps on purpose) regarding the moissanite engagement ring that she is interested in on her social media pages, her Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. She may have simply liked particular designs that will lead you in the right direction. You may wish to take a look at her social media pages. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to stumble upon a posting that explains precisely what engagement ring design to choose.

Take note of the common features that appear in multiple engagement ring styles on her Pinterest board. Do the rings always consist of a round or oval cut engagement ring or a platinum moissanite ring? Is she interested in custom-made moissanite engagement rings?


Take into account her style

Even if you are unable to determine the type of moissanite engagement ring design she would enjoy receiving, you might be able to determine what type of style she would like to receive. An effective way to determine what she may want is by observing her style or the way she dresses. Take a look at the type of jewelry she wears. Do they have minimal designs containing a few stones and a few details? Does she wear large, loud pieces that really stand out against the rest of her outfit? Does she avoid wearing jewelry at all?

A really subtle round moissanite ring is likely to be her choice if she doesn't wear jewelry. Simple and unobtrusive. If she is accustomed to wearing large and bold jewelry she will likely also prefer a large and bold oval moissanite engagement ring. You might be able to determine what type of moissanite engagement ring she is interested in by observing her style.

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Keep an eye out

In addition to talking about marriage, she may have begun dropping hints about what kind of ring she wants. Maybe platinum moissanite rings appeal to her. When the topic arises, listen closely to what she says (does she rave about her friend's new oval cut moissanite engagement ring?).


Make your ring classic

If you are not able to determine what ring she specifically desires, it is possible that she does not even have a preference, or has never given it much thought. AGI Design offers a variety of classic engagement ring designs. There are engagement rings at AGI Design to suit any budget, moissanite carat size, or even ring design. A simple Round Moissanite Ring is a popular choice. The Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring is another popular choice among our customers. The option of custom-made moissanite engagement rings is also available to those who are looking to go all out. You may find that receiving an engagement ring that is specifically designed for your partner will make your proposal even more memorable. 



A beautiful aspect of engagement ring shopping is that you're looking for the ring that symbolizes your commitment to spend the rest of your lives together. As such, that is significant on its own. Enjoy this experience to the fullest. Take advantage of every moment you have searching for the engagement ring she wants. Above all, you should have an amazing time planning the start of your future with your beloved.