Should I Pick Her Engagement Ring or Let Her Choose the Ring She Wants?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a relationship, and to make this special event happen you need the perfect engagement ring. Finding the right ring can be quite a challenge at times as there are many unique engagement rings that come in different shapes and with different stones. There are so many different options, how are you supposed to know which ring your partner will love the most? This asks the question whether you should choose your partner's engagement ring or choose together? 


Choosing the ring yourself will add a surprise aspect to the proposal, making this special day even more romantic. You can choose an affordable engagement ring that you believe will blow your partner away and give them the shock of a lifetime. If your partner has spoken about their expectations for a proposal and has mentioned how they would prefer the surprise element in a proposal then it would be best to choose the ring yourself. Choosing the engagement ring yourself can also make the moment more meaningful. As you took the time to find an engagement ring that you believe matches your partner best. 


Making these decisions on your own allows you to select the options that not only suit your partner the best but also you. You are able to choose an affordable engagement ring that does not exceed your budget. There will be no need to spend more than you are able to since only you will be looking at the options and you know what you can afford. Finding the perfect engagement ring shouldn't mean having to spend more than your initial budget.


On the other hand, having to pick the ring yourself can be a stressful situation. There are so many options even within stones themselves. How do you know which one you are supposed to choose? Would your partner prefer diamonds, if so will the diamond need to be lab created? Or would they prefer moissanite, which has its own options, would premium moissanite or Forever One moissanite be the right choice. After you've made these choices you need to decide on the shape of the stone, would they want a round moissanite ring, oval moissanite ring, pear shaped moissanite ring, etc. Custom jewelry provides a big variety of stones and jewelry to choose from. 


Furthermore, there may be some aspects of engagement ring shopping that you do not have the proper information for, such as ring size. You would not want to make the perfect custom engagement ring only for it to not fit on the big day. Even though this issue can be resolved with simple resizing it is still an inconvenience you would not wish to have. Or you might not be aware of the type of metal your partner prefers. Would they want yellow gold, rose gold, white gold  or platinum? It can be difficult to know every detail of your partner's jewelry preference so to make sure you get them all right it might be best to include your partner in the ring choosing or creating process. 


Even after you have considered all of these pros and cons you still may not be sure, and that's ok. You can have the best of both worlds since you will not only need an engagement ring but also a wedding ring. You can choose to pick the engagement ring on your own and surprise your partner with it and with a proposal. And when the time comes to choose a lab-created diamond wedding ring/band it can be a dual effort process, allowing both you and your partner to undergo the amazing experience together. 


In conclusion, if you would like the proposal to be a surprise and have a stronger romantic aspect to it. And to have the ability to choose options that best fit your budget then picking the engagement ring yourself would be the best option for you. And if you would like to share this special occasion and be able to discuss all the options and be sure to have a ring that they are guaranteed to love and will fit them perfectly. Then allowing them to choose the engagement ring would be the most fitting option for you. Whichever option you chose will hopefully be the beginning to a new and beautiful chapter in your life.