How to Find the Best Engagement Ring?

It is almost universal for girls to wait eagerly for marriage proposals. Making this a memorable event for your beloved means respecting all traditions, including presenting an engagement ring that will serve as a symbol of your long-term intentions and obligations to each other. We believe that it is important to know how to choose the right engagement ring in Canada before you propose to your beloved since many women approach this event and gift with trepidation. With our help you’ll have the best custom engagement ring in Toronto! The high quality craftsmanship here at AGI Design, will ensure your special someone will be able to show off their gorgeous moissanite engagement rings to all your friends and family, making you and your partner the hot topic of the event.

gorgeous moissanite engagement rings

Choosing the Right Ring for Your Engagement

Engagement rings are more than just gifts; they are symbols of love and commitment that have great significance. The way a man proposes to his beloved, or the ring he gives her will be memories that stay with her for many years to come. The ring itself is kept as a family heirloom and passed down through successive generations. Therefore, we should be sensitive to the chosen engagement ring in Canada. You should consider the following aspects before purchasing a custom engagement ring.


Choosing an engagement ring from all available options we need to take into consideration its affordability. The engagement ring in Toronto is traditionally made from gold or platinum along with moissanite, or lab-created diamond. AGI Design offers a wide selection of beautiful and worthy engagement rings and can also customize engagement rings upon request. A custom design engagement ring can also be helpful if you are looking for a distinct engagement ring.

The main rule when selecting an engagement ring is to ensure that it is made of precious metal and enhanced with a precious gemstone. The engagement ring can be created from classic dainty gold and adorned with moissanite or Lab-created diamond. Besides classical yellow gold, can be used white and rose gold, as well as platinum. Moissanite, one of the world's most precious stones, symbolizes love's longevity on earth because the relationship and love will be as strong and durable as the moissanite itself.

Understand the Shapes, Cuts and Cut Quality

The center gemstone setting is an important consideration for the overall look of your engagement ring. Keep in mind that while choosing a centre stone or customizing your engagement ring, always go with the design that speaks to you or your partner’s heart. However, here at AGI Design we are always here to guide you along in your Canadian custom jewelry process. There are a number of shaped cuts, so being aware of them all helps in making an informed decision. Round brilliant are by far the most common choice due the way they are cut, providing a maximum amount of light to reflect which gives the moissanite or diamond that high degree of sparkle. Our moissanite and diamond shapes include oval, pear, cushion, marquise, asscher, princess, emerald, radiant.

moissanite engagement rings
engagement rings
gorgeous moissanite rings
gorgeous moissanite engagement rings
engagement ring

Colored Moissanite Engagement Rings

The AGI Design collection of colored Moissanite is as diverse as our range of Moissanite shapes. The colored moissanite adds unique flair to the engagement ring . You can customize your engagement ring to highlight the individuality of loved one’s.

Colored Moissanite
Colored Moissanite
Colored Moissanite

Select a Metal of The Band

It is important to select a metal that will enhance the overall appearance of the ring. White gold or platinum are the most popular metal choices when paired with diamonds or moissanite, as these white metals create a stunning look. The next most popular colors are yellow and rose gold. In addition, rose gold has the ability to complement many different skin tones and is often paired with vintage or trilogy rings. Often used for solitaire engagement rings, yellow gold is a popular choice.  

Choose Your Preferred Setting

Diamonds set in engagement rings are held in place by what is called the setting. As well as protecting the diamond from damage or dislodging, the setting makes the diamond sparkle and show off its beauty. The most common settings are the prong, halo, and bezel.

A prong setting is usually held up by 4-6 prongs which are thin metal strips that surround and secure the centre diamond. The prong setting applies to many rings including solitaires with and without side stones.

Halos can be single ,double, and hidden.The halo enhances the stone's appearance of the size and volume, adding to the ring’s overall sparkle.The halo comes in all shapes and sizes. Hence, the same way that you might decide to omit or add an accent stone, you could also choose to encircle the center stone with a halo. Take a look in our store for some great halo ring inspirations or feel free to talk to us to get some professional advice.

A bezel setting is a bit less common which has a thin piece of metal wrapped around a diamond or gemstone to secure it. Setting the stone in a bezel provides excellent security.

engagement rings
engagement rings
engagement rings

Choosing Accent Stones

It's not necessary to think about this step if you are selecting a solitaire ring, but if you want a ring with side diamonds, you should consider the setting and the type of diamonds you may want. You can select channel, pave, or a combination of both as your side stones. One stone may be set on either side of the centre diamond in a trilogy style engagement ring.


Accent Stones
Accent Stones

We’d Love to Be a Part of Your Grand Love Story For Generations to Come

If you have no idea how to go about choosing and creating custom lab-created diamond rings, then feel free to contact AGI Design and get experts and seasoned designers to guide you through the process of purchasing the right design for you and your significant other.

Custom engagement rings made here in Toronto are even more attractive due to a straightforward process of custom design. Understanding one’s requirements and the availability of materials along with experts to guide you in the right direction makes the journey sweeter for us as well as you. The unique design that we helped create for you will make a significant difference in your life for the better.

AGI Design is your best choice for selecting a moissanite or lab-created diamond engagement ring or customizing your engagement ring in the heart of Toronto,Canada. We offer custom engagement rings to customers in Toronto,  all over Canada, and all over the world. There are many happy customers who choose our engagement rings in Toronto, in the UK, in France, in Australia, and in  the United States. 

Let us help you to create the perfect engagement ring for you!