Moissanite Engagement Ring Design Trends For 2021

Moissanite is a precious stone, made in a laboratory by expert jewelers and it is often used as an alternative to diamond. Because moissanite has higher light refraction and reflection values than diamond, many couples desire a sparkling moissanite engagement ring in Canada at this time. Getting a trendy piece is sometimes difficult. Here are some gorgeous moissanite engagement ring trends to get you started.

In presenting our collection of moissanite rings to clients, many of them ask, "Is it a diamond?" I also receive many inquiries via AGI Design regarding whether moissanite rings are diamond rings. I always respond friendly: "Of course not! Moissanite is too pretty to be a diamond."

Moissanite is Ethical

It's true that Moissanite is an extremely rare gemstone found in meteorites, so rare that it can only be created in a lab. But it doesn't mean the gemstone is fake. It is genuine in its own way. 

Naturally-discovered Moissanite stone and the one created in a lab are exactly the same in terms of appearance, chemical composition, and physical attributes. In addition, getting designer-made, affordable moissanite engagement rings means you don’t need to harm the ecosystem for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

lab-created moissanite engagement ring

Lab-grown moissanite is a real gemstone, characterized by its own chemical properties. Because moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone, it will last as long as a diamond, but can be bought at a fraction of the price. As a more sparkly, affordable and ethical choice of stone, moissanite engagement rings are rapidly becoming a leading diamond alternative in the jewellery industry.

Popular Moissanite Engagement Ring Design Trends

Now that you are aware of Moissanite and its creation, it’s time to find a trendy Moissanite ring that suits your style and is capable of grabbing the attention on your special day. 

In the modern jewelry world, Moissanite’s popularity is growing immensely, which is why there are so many designs of Moissanite rings. To make the search easier for you, we have listed some of the top trends of a Moissanite engagement ring in Canada.

  • Round Moissanite Rings

Our Abby Moissanite Engagement Ring is the perfect example of a round ring that is simple yet elegant. A hidden halo creating an exquisite look.This ring is a perfect surprise, in more ways than one. Set on a delicate band of lab-created diamonds, the Hidden Halo Engagement Ring boasts a second, secret halo. Its gleaming center stone is encircled by a circle of pavé-set lab-created diamonds. The elegant piece is as timely as it is refined, illuminating a love from every vantage point. 

Abby Moissanite Engagement Ring


Featuring a striking design, the Abby Moissanite Engagement Ring comes with a carefully-crafted center stone for that bit of extra brilliance. It is available in a wide range of ring materials, including 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, and platinum. 

Choosing a beautiful moissanite engagement ring in Canada is easy with the right metal, style, and a brilliant moissanite set in platinum or gold.

  • Pear Moissanite Rings

In case the round shape is too simple to suit your style, pear-shaped rings can be a trendy style to consider. 

Vivian Moissanite Engagement Ring

A pear-shaped ring features an elongated teardrop shape that looks like a combination of a marquise and oval-cut. Its elongated shape appears larger than a traditional round style. Check out our Vivian Moissanite Engagement Ring to explore your options. Our rings feature a premium Moissanite center stone and lab-created diamonds as side stones. 

When it comes to metal purity, you have three options: 14K, 18K, and Platinum. Go for platinum moissanite rings or white gold rings for special occasions like an engagement. 

  • Asscher Moissanite Rings

If you are searching for a unique design, I will recommend you check our Mila Asscher Moissanite Engagement Ring for a sparkling piece, capable of grabbing attention from a distance. It comes in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, and platinum. The rose gold moissanite ring reflects the perfect beauty and elegance of your commitment to your loved one.

Buy Your Custom Moissanite Engagement Ring in Canada

A beautiful engagement ring looks like a piece straight from heaven. It should be bright and gleaming. Browse a wide range of Moissanite engagement rings in Canada in many shapes, metals, and sizes. If you need assistance or want to have a custom-made ring, contact us. We will assist you with your search to find the perfect ring for you.