Round Moissanite Engagement Ring Buying Guide


The round cut moissanite is by the far the most popular shape in the world its known for being a classic choice with the versatility to fit into any setting or style. A round moissanite engagement ring delivers on the sparkle and that sense of timelessness you want in an engagement ring. If you want something elegant and classy, but also blindingly brilliant, you can’t go wrong with a round stone moissanite engagement ring. Adding a personal touch to your ring is always possible with a custom engagement ring from AGI Design


The great thing about round-cut moissanite is it’s versatile enough to fit into most styles you have in mind or any custom engagement ring. The possibilities are truly endless with round cut  moissanite but a few of the most popular options you might want to consider include:



A single stone set on a simple band, a solitaire style with round moissanite is classic, elegant and the perfect way to make your moissanite engagement ring the star of the show.

A moissanite solitaire refers to any piece of jewelry with a single stone. Moissanite solitaires can be a ring, necklace, earring or even men’s jewelry. Throughout history, they have come to mark some of life's most significant events, such as sixteenth birthdays, anniversaries, and, of course, the proposal.

An engagement ring made with moissanite is often seen as a symbol of lasting love and fidelity. The moment a person kneels and places the moissanite ring on their fiancée's finger is a memory that lasts forever. Over the course of your lifetime, you may look at your engagement ring thousands of times; for this reason, it ought to be expertly matched to yourslef.

Due to the moissanite's prominence in the ring, most people start the selection process by choosing its shape. The most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is the round brilliant; this creative, multifaceted style is cut to sparkle and show off the depth of the stone. This cut is arguably the most brilliant of all solitaire choices because it provides the maximum amount of light return through the top of the moissanite. 

Once moissanite has been chosen, buyers are now considering the best setting for the stone. Even though the first requirement is practical-that the stone will be held securely in place there are many aesthetic concerns to consider as well. Popular setting styles for solitaire rings include prong, cathedral, bezel, and tension. A prong setting is minimalist in nature, holding the stone like a claw from beneath. The prongs are small wires that bind the stone, welded to the band to ensure its safety. Yet they suspend the stone high enough off of the band to show its size and detail, offering maximum sparkle. 

A cathedral setting allows the moissanite to be visible, with slopes on either side to protect the stone. The cathedral setting gets its name from its aesthetic similarities to an old cathedral—its sweeping nature is reminiscent of the vaulted ceilings and pleasing arches of these places of prayer.

A bezel setting is sleek and modern—the metal of the band is used to completely surround the moissanite, following exactly the stone’s shape. This is an ideal choice for an active lifestyle.

The platinum moissanite ring is a very popular choice for round solitaire engagement rings. 

No matter what stone shape and setting type are selected, a moissanite solitaire ring is sure to please any bride-to-be, eliciting a smile from their lips each one of the million-plus times they glances at their ring in years to come.



The hidden halo ring is a very special ring design for people who love more glamorous rings. The center stones look brilliant in hidden halo engagement rings and sparkle a lot. There are so many reasons to choose hidden halo in engagement rings.

In a hidden halo setting, a collection of pave or micro-pave diamonds encircles one center stone. The surrounding pave stones draw attention to the central gem. Despite your budget size, you can have a brilliant-looking, engagement ring by hidden halos. If you are looking for a double brilliant engagement ring, a hidden halo is a good choice for you.

The hidden halo setting can be mixed with other styles and options to make a perfect and one-of-a-kind choice. For a simple look, you may choose a solitaire with a hidden halo. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated style, you may choose a ring with pave diamonds.

Does hidden halo work for any moissanite shapes?

Hidden halo settings work for different diamond shapes, such as oval, radiant, round, pear, round, and cushion-cut. Round engagement rings with halo are the most popular ones.



A halo ring is a type of setting, in which a stone is encircled by a ring of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Pavé, in French, means “to pave,” and in jewelry, the term refers to a pattern of small gemstones placed closely together, creating an impressive field of shine and sparkle. Surround your center round cut moissanite with a border of small gemstones to give your ring a vintage-inspired look.

Different types of halo engagement rings

Even though the halo sounds like a very specific type, there are many different variations, so you have a lot of room for personalization. The halo around the center stone could be round, squarish or diamond-shaped. The band can be white, yellow or rose gold, and the band can meet the center moissanite in a straight, twisted or double-ringed design. On many AGI Design halo rings, the stones extend part way onto the band, creating an even more stunning glittery effect.

Plain shank halo engagement ring:

Plenty of ring shoppers know you can’t go wrong with a classic. That’s exactly what this style is. An elegant polished band arcs gently up to the moissanite and its halo, ensuring the center stone is getting all the attention.

Double halo engagement ring:

On the other side of the spectrum is this style of halo engagement ring for the bride who feels that more is more. The double halo is also a dazzling way to save some dough. Yes, the setting costs more than a single halo, but the little diamonds cost a lot less than a large center stone. And since the single halo can make your moissanite look a half-carat bigger, you’re looking at up to a whole carat increase in appearance thanks to the double.

Pave halo engagement ring:

Although the plain shank halo has been the favorite for some time, the pave halo ring is catching up quickly. It’s the gorgeous middle-ground for these different ring settings. The extra accent diamonds only extend partway down the shank of the ring. It’s the sweet spot between extra sparkle and timeless elegance.




The three-stone engagement ring is full of symbolism, representing the past, present, and future. The center stone is always the biggest, representing the present. The smaller stones sit on either side of the center, representing the past and the future respectively.

The three stones can also symbolize love, fidelity, and friendship. These rings are often called the Trinity or trilogy ring. Not only is the scintillation of this magnificent style the perfect conversation starter, but the symbolism behind the three stones also makes your engagement ring more meaningful.

Meant to symbolize the past, present and future of a relationship, round cut moissanite fit flawlessly into a three-stone ring style.

Make a statement

If your significant other loves to stand out from the crowd or be the center of attention at a party, then this type of engagement ring can bring their story to life. 

The three-stone engagement ring gives you that creative edge at a dinner party, and there are so many different styles that will knock you off your feet. For example, some people prefer moissanite for all three stones, while others prefer other types of stone. 

Still not sure which is best for you? Get in touch with an AGI Design expert. We know all the secrets to personalize your round moissanite engagement ring and truly make it your own (with a price you can handle, too!).