Surprise Your Loved One with Lab-Created Diamond Rings

If you own a custom lab-created diamond ring, you not only own a beautiful ring, you make more responsible choices about the products you buy. With lab-grown diamond engagement rings, that choice doesn’t come at the expense of clarity, quality, or design.

custom lab-created diamond ring

Engagement rings are valuable for the receiver as well as the giver. It signifies love and commitment. Many want to give their loved ones a beautiful diamond ring that’s enticing and customized as per their preferences. This is when custom Lab-created diamond rings come into the picture. Before you make a purchase, it’s important for you to understand why it is best for you to choose diamond wedding bands for your loved ones! 

Given below are a few reasons that state why eternity wedding bands are chosen by our customers - 

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Are Not Very Expensive

Bravo! Now you can easily buy cheap wedding bands in Canada with custom-made diamond rings designed exclusively for you. With them, you have a bigger chance to shine brighter at your wedding, and it’s surprisingly an affordable endeavor too. Lab-created diamonds are 40% less expensive than traditionally mined diamonds. It’s important to understand that lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same as real diamonds but less costly. Odds are you’ve heard the word “synthetic” get tossed around and that’s prompted a little hesitation on your part. However, the only difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond is their respective point of origin. Otherwise, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically the same as diamonds that are mined from the Earth. There’s no reason to buy a mined diamond when you’ve already found diamond wedding bands at our online store. 

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Are An Ethical Choice 

Mined diamonds have a reputation of being unethical because they are harmful to the environment. It requires a lot of energy to extract diamonds from the earth. Also, mined diamonds in Africa were used to fund wars. There are no ethical issues faced with the custom lab-created diamonds

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Are Good For Environment 

As a matter of fact, lab-grown diamonds are really good for the environment because they are not mined. Diamonds that are mined cause significant damage to the environment. You’d be surprised to know that to search for a single carat diamond, you’ve to search between 88,000 to 176,000 pounds of dirt. It means a lot of diamond mines are found from the largest man-made holes on the Earth and seriously affect the ecological system. However, lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment without any drastic environmental impact. 

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Are Conflict Free

There are many ethical issues that can be eliminated with lab-grown diamonds. The supply chain of mined diamonds is quite long because the origin of mined diamonds is not traceable making it more difficult to identify if the diamonds are ethically sourced or not. So, when you go for a custom-made lab-created diamond ring, it’s easier to tell exactly from where the diamond originated. 

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Offers You A Real Deal

If we take a look at diamonds grown in laboratories, you will find that they are similar to real diamonds. With these, pure crystallized carbon in the isometric cubic system, you’ll have a real diamond ring with the same optical, physical and chemical properties. These are designed in a similar condition that is found in nature in a controlled environment. 

Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Are Unique

Still confused whether you should go for custom lab-created diamond rings or not? It is necessary for you to know that just like mined diamonds, these lab-grown diamonds are available in trendy designs, unique shapes, and beautiful patterns like emerald heart, pear, marquise, and other shapes. Because of their uniqueness, these diamonds are a popular choice among millennials. If you’re searching for something that could make you look and feel good, then these custom lab-created diamonds are the best choice for you. 

Are Custom Lab-created Diamond Rings Worth It?

Knowing that lab-grown diamonds are grown ethically, who wouldn’t want to go for it? Plus, it also comes down to your budget. With the custom lab-created diamond rings, you can rock your wedding day in the most amazingly designed custom lab-created diamond rings. They are less expensive and ethically grown. Furthermore, they are an excellent alternative to traditional diamonds. However, in the end, the decision has to be made depending on your partner’s preferences and your budget. 

Make her feel special with the Lab-created diamonds wedding bands!