The Proper Way to Clean and Maintain Your Diamonds

Your engagement ring is one of your biggest symbols of love from your partner. It commemorates the beginning of a new chapter in your love story. This special object needs just as much care as your relationship does, it is a delicate thing and engagement ring. Keeping it clean and cared for will make it sparkle and shine and remind you of the love that you share with your partner. You may have put in so much effort into creating a custom engagement ring, the last thing you would want is for all of your creativity and inspiration to be hidden under uncleanliness. No matter if you have a Forever One moissanite engagement or or a premium moissanite engagement ring or even lab-created diamond ring, they all need to be tended for with great care. 


The first thing you can do to keep your ring clean is to clean it regularly, dirt and oil can affect the light interactions in the stone. Having a beautiful diamond ring will not matter if its sparkle doesn't show. With every ring order from AGI Design you get your own ring care package, it will provide you with all the needed tools and resources you need to keep your engagement ring squeaky clean. If you're not tending to your stone then you aren't giving it the justice it deserves and it will be unable to live up to its full potential. Be sure to every so often use your cleaning package and care for that stunning ring that you may have designed yourself. 


Furthermore, you may think your diamond or moissanite engagement ring is invincible, but unfortunately that is not the case. Fractures, bruises, and chips can occasionally occur, it is always best to never wear your ring in any extraneous activities that puts your ring in danger of being damaged. The last thing you would want is your brand new engagement ring stone having a scratch in it. Not only can the stone get damaged but other parts as well, the prong mounting may get chipped or the stone may come loose. Care for your ring like it is your baby, because no matter how strong you think it may be there is always a chance of damage.


Another tip is to always be aware of where you last put your engagement ring. You may want to take your ring off to do certain activities such as working out or washing dishes. And this is a good practice of taking care of your engagement ring, but it is also important to remember where you last placed your ring, losing your ring can be worse than damaging it. Have a specific place where you put your ring so that you will never misplace it and will always be aware of where it is. As well, telling someone else in your household where the ring was left can be helpful in case you forget. It is not only important to care for the physical ring but tending for where you place it is just as important. 


In addition, it is unrecommended to get harsh chemicals on your ring. Many parts of your ring can be damaged, for example a platinum moissanite ring can be damaged when in contact with chlorine. Or the luster of a gold engagement ring can be impacted by bleach. Keep your rings away from any harsh chemicals especially when cleaning, it is best to either take off the ring and put it in a safe place, or wear gloves when using any damaging chemicals. 


These tips are not only handy for engagement rings, when the big day comes and you finally get married you will need to put just as much care into your wedding ring or your wedding band, especially if you have a diamond wedding band. Got to make sure you keep that sparkle and shine. Moissanite and diamond jewelry is special, tend to it properly to make sure that it keeps what makes it so special.

Any type of ring is susceptible to damage, it doesn't matter your engagement ring shape, your engagement ring trend, if you have a modern engagement ring or a vintage one, or if you have the current most popular engagement ring. All of these rings and many more can have harm happen to them. So in order to keep your ring in perfect condition make sure to keep these tips in mind.