Things You Need to Know about Eternity Wedding Band

Eternity bands, also known as infinity rings, manifest that forever is always beautiful. Adorned with diamonds in an endless circle, they are best for lovers to celebrate milestones like the first, fifth, or twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Most of the eternity rings we craft at AGI Design hold extra pop of sparkle. Presenting ‘ONE’ to your soulmate will surely make them fall head over heels in love with you all over again. The best part is - eternity rings can also draw on as eternity wedding bands. The never-ending hoop of diamonds makes it a perfect accessory to exchange wedding vows. 

Now that you are fascinated, let’s have a ball with some astounding facts about eternity wedding bands.

What is The History Of Eternity Bands?

The idea of Eternity bands being a symbol of everlasting love was dated back around 4,000 years. The Egyptians are the true begetters. Though they didn’t bring eternity band rings into play for weddings or engagements, they used them as a great token of eternal love and life.

In days of yore, eternity rings were more like an ordinary circle of metal or were designed to imitate the figure of a snake consuming its own tail. The image was the epitome of ‘eternity’ for ancient lovers.  However, the latest fad eternity wedding bands in Canada feature the dazzles of diamonds and other precious metals that people love to invest in.

How Much Eternity Rings Cost?

Diamond is sheerly precious. As eternity wedding bands are adorned with a multitude of diamonds or valuable metals, there is no doubt that the piece can cost you a great dollar. Nevertheless,at AGI Design, we assure the quality craftsmanship of exquisite eternity rings, and try our best to accommodate everyone's budget.

In case you desire to save your bucks, the lab-created diamonds or  moissanite rings are great for you. Moissanite gem is as mesmerizing as a diamond but  costs one-tenth of a mined diamond of the same size and quality. 

Can Eternity Rings Be Used In Place Of Wedding Rings?

A wedding ring marks the official bond of marriage between two lovers. The fact that eternity band rings are a perfect illustration of love and commitment, you can surely use the one in place of wedding rings. In fact, the modern brides are smitten with the elegance of eternity rings and favor them for their red-letter wedding day.

You can also cherish the magic of the eternity ring by pairing it with a classic solitaire engagement ring or other bright metal bands. The ultimate ring stack can then be your absolute pleasure for your whole life.

What Are The Different Styles In Eternity Rings?

Whether you are looking for eternity wedding bands for exchanging vows on the big day  or as a gift to your better half on your anniversary, there is a wide variety of styles to pick from. Pave eternity rings are the most popular out of all. 

You can shoot for split prong and shared prong if you yearn for a lighter piece to adorn. Besides, channel and bezel  are two other types of wedding bands in Canada, in which diamonds are held in individual metal frames. This makes the style voguish and durable at the same time.

Can Eternity Rings Be Customized?

Eternity rings are timeless symbols of enduring commitment. While some liked to have a modern design, the others still have their heart set on traditional styles. Believing that the most special accessory in lovers’ life ought to be unique, at AGI Design, you can always ask us to customize your dreamy eternity wedding bands that you are planning to use as the declaration of love. 

Ready To Celebrate Your Love Till Eternity?

Life is a lot more beautiful when you have reason to express and embrace love. AGI Design is your happy place to make it come true. We offer custom eternity wedding bands in Canada that are meant for you to celebrate your special event with style. The unique yet avant-garde styles are icing on the cake. 

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