Top 6 Moissanite Engagement Rings For Your Big Day

When choosing an engagement ring for the special moment the options available to you are endless, especially when looking for moissanite jewelry. Are you going to get a custom-made moissanite engagement ring or a stick to a classic ready-made design? The decision can be difficult to make and even daunting for some so we've made a simple list of what we know will blow your partner away. These 6 moissanite engagement rings are bound to not only sparkle on your loved one's finger, but add a little brilliance to that special moment and the rest of your lives! 

Diana Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Diana cushion cut moissanite engagement ring

This bold piece is sure to create a jaw-dropping proposal. With a cushion-cut premium moissanite at its center and several lab-created diamonds adorning the band, this ring is bound to be a talking point wherever you go. With its defined design and focus on the center stone, the sparkle and brilliance is going to be breath taking wherever you go. This statement piece is a unique moissanite engagement ring meant for those who love a little glamour in their life.

Abigail Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

Abigail oval moissanite engagement ring

This affordable moissanite engagement ring is a modern take on the classic engagement ring. Its chic finish and oval moissanite center stone present an elegant yet sophisticated look. With minimal intricacies the focus lays on the stone and the beauty of its simplicity allowing for the eye to truly take in its sparkle. This modest design does not diminish the power it holds both in its brilliance and its symbolism of love and passion.

Angelina Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Angelina cushion cut moissanite engagement ring

This stunning moissanite engagement ring creates both a touch of uniqueness and dimensions with its bold cushion-cut stone and hidden halo. Reminiscent of royalty this ring is fit for the most majestic people in our life. Without many distracting elements, this ring creates a sense of presence and glimmer unlike any other. Perfect for those who don't like overboard design yet want something with a little more flamboyant. This affordable choice might just be the perfect style with a dynamic balance of both elegance and simplicity. Not to mention the lab-created side stone which only emphasizes the beauty of the center moissanite adding to the fire of the overall piece.

Mila Asscher Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Mila asscher cut moissanite engagement ring

This moissanite engagement ring stands out in its complex and intricate design. With high attention to detail and an asscher cut surrounded by a lab-diamond halo, this piece brings back a vintage look. Its beautiful band consists of weaving patterns which only accentuate the sparkle of the stones. Whoever this ring adorns is bound to bring an ornate gracefulness with them wherever they go. Offering a very unique look, this custom piece made right in our Canadian workshop is made for those who appreciate the vintage classics and don't fear standing out in a room. This luxurious piece is not for everyone, but those who choose it will be able to demonstrate their beautiful love through such a distinguished ring.

Anne Princess Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Anne princess cut moissanite engagement ring

This modern moissanite engagement ring creates a clean and defined look through its princess-cut moissanite and lab-created diamond side stones. The bold stone and hidden halo provide an elevated radiance of the ring, creating an eye-catching piece. An intense sparkle shimmers from the hand of its wearer and is the perfect ring for those who want a showstopper of a ring. Without being overly detailed it still manages to provide a hint of elegance and intricate without getting too distracting. This moissanite engagement ring is a great option and can add a little fire to this warm memory.

Nadia Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

Nadia round moissanite engagement ring

Is there anything better than one beautiful moissanite center stone…Of course! Three of them! This moissanite engagement ring features 3 beautiful round moissanite all complementing each other to create an astonishing piece. This statement piece is bound to attract some attention. Straying away from the classic single center stone, the use of three major stones allows for a new level of shape and dimension to be created allowing for a new and unique take on engagement rings. This ring is meant for those who love a little extra sparkle in their life and will definitely create a jaw-dropping experience both for you and your partner. Moissanite jewelry in general is full of fire and brilliance however this piece just goes above and beyond in terms of presentation and a wow factor. A bold yet beautiful piece meant for those with a bold relationship full of passion and love.

These stunning moissanite engagement rings are some of the finest moissanite jewelry available to help make that special day a little more unique. However, if this is not exactly what you are looking for do not fret! Here at AGI Design, we can help you by creating a custom moissanite engagement ring to make sure that your dream proposal becomes a reality. Regardless of whether you choose one of these moissanite jewelry pieces or decide to go with a custom-made moissanite engagement ring, here at AGI design we are happy to help with whatever will make your engagement as brilliant and long lasting as the gem on your partner's finger.