Top Reasons to Get Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

Looking for an engagement ring can be a long and sometimes even frustrating process. With hundreds of thousands of different rings available on the market it's hard to have to choose simply one ring that fits what you want the ring to look like.

We have all been in a situation where we have this perfect image of what we want in our head, but every time we go into a store looking for what we want, it's not there. Maybe the cut of the diamond or moissanite is off. Perhaps the engagement ring you found only comes in rose gold when you are looking for white gold. This is where custom engagement rings made right here in our workshop in Canada can make your life a lot easier, and your special moment even more unique.

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You Creation

One of the benefits that come with the creation of your custom engagement ring is the liberty and freedom of creative vision that comes with the process. Whether you want to make a custom moissanite engagement ring or use another stone, the choices are now only limited by your imagination.

When going through the process of creating a custom engagement ring, you have a say in which style you think will best suit your partner and how exactly you want the ring to look, so when they see the custom engagement ring the glimmer of joy in your partner's eyes will brighter than the sparkle of the ring itself.

The process of creating a custom engagement ring no longer becomes one of tiresome searching but rather allows you to reflect your relationship into this design. Custom engagement rings also create an opportunity to add meaningful symbolism to the piece.

Whether it simply be a small engraving of your first date, or a certain design or style that you and your partner have talked about for ages creating your custom engagement ring here in Canada creates a wonderful opportunity to make your engagement filled with joy, love and a one of a kind sparkle.

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The Budget

Another huge insight people tend to miss about the creation of custom moissanite engagement rings or any custom piece for that matter is your control of budget and price. When browsing in a big box jewelry store, the price tags are fixed and you either have to break the bank to get what you want, or are left underwhelmed to stay under your budget.

A large advantage that comes with custom engagement rings here in Canada is your ability to discuss your budget beforehand and see how you can ensure you get the ring of your dreams without having to spend a fortune. Here at AGI design, we are always happy to help guide you in this process and ensure that the custom engagement ring you dream of can become a reality on the hand of your partner.

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The Quality

With this comes our guarantee of quality. By buying custom engagement rings you are able to understand the source and quality of the materials you choose. The cut and clarity of the stone, the karat of the metal and the precise setting are all extremely important. Through the custom engagement ring process, we will work together to ensure you understand what makes a quality ring.

Unlike mass-produced jewelry, custom moissanite engagement rings or any custom piece allows for meticulous attention to detail, durable design styles and a perfect finish. When you are on your knees with the life of your life standing in front of you, you can know that in your hands is not only a special piece but something that will last many lifetimes.

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Personal Touch

One of the most personal touches to an engagement ring is your constant involvement in the ring. If you truly want to make a ring that will reflect your pattern's style and personality, this effort will not go unnoticed. It is a demonstration of your everlasting commitment. You went above and beyond for such a special moment investing your time and love into this symbol of your commitment proving that you truly do wish to spend the rest of your life with them.

The custom engagement ring process will create everlasting memories of your love and allow you to create a reminder of the warmth and passion you have for your partner. There is nothing more special than presenting a ring that is like no one else's. Not only because of the unique look but also because of your contribution to it. This physical symbol of passion can become an heirloom passed down the generation as a reminder of true love, passion and commitment.

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Custom engagement rings come with many unique advantages that can create many warm memories, help you save a bit of money, as well as ensure you receive the piece of your dream of the highest quality. There is no doubt that creating your own custom engagement ring from our shop here in Canada will create one of the most heart warming and long-lasting memories of your life.