A Guide for Buying the Perfect Sized Ring

Whether you are buying a ring for yourself, a friend, your loved one, or are planning to propose to your high school sweetheart; it is key to get the sizing right! The last thing you want is a ring that is too tight or too loose. But getting the perfect-sized ring, especially where Round moissanite rings are concerned, isn’t a straightforward affair; it needs proper discernment, research, and technical know-how (if you will). That being said, here's a detailed guide that will teach you how to buy Moissanite rings and other rings just like the ones we sell right here at AGI Design in Toronto.

Factors that Affect Ring Size and Fit

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When determining the right ring size for Round moissanite rings and the like, you need to first familiarize yourself with the factors that affect sizing. Some of these factors include:

1. Finger Shape

The saying "all fingers are not equal" couldn't have been truer! Finger shapes and physiology vary from person to person, and this can impact sizing. For instance, if your fingers are knotted, the ring has to fit the knuckle in the mid-point of the finger (because it is the widest part). But more often than not, rings tend to be loose on this finger, especially around the base. So you might want to integrate sizing beads on your ring. 

On the other hand, if your finger is tapered, where it widens around the base, your ring will fit perfectly by the base. However, rings tend to slip off tapered fingers when they slide upwards. So consider the shape of your finger or that of your loved one before buying that platinum moissanite ring on your wish list.

2. External and Internal Factors

Pregnancy, diet, temperature, physical activity, and seasonal changes can all impact your fingers which may affect the sizing. This means that you shouldn't be surprised if your finger size increases or decreases at a certain time. 

In the same vein, don’t expect your partner or loved one’s ring size to remain the same. It doesn’t matter how confident or sure you are of their ring size; it wouldn’t hurt to check in with them even before you research the price of Moissanite rings!

3.International Size Charts

For moissanite rings from Canada and in the United States, sizes typically range from 2 to 13 (half and quarter sizes inclusive). Rings like Round moissanite rings are measured in millimeters or inches per the circumference or diameter of the ring. The circumference measures the length of the band while the diameter factors in the inside length. Note that international sizing for Platinum moissanite rings and other moissanite rings varies by location and scale.

4.Band Width

According to experts, rings with thicker bands typically fit snugly, while those with thinner bands tend to be loose. Ultimately, the amount of metal around your finger determines its fit. Take, for instance, a thin Round moissanite ring in size 6 will not fit as well as a thicker Round moissanite ring in size 6. So if you’ve taken a liking to a particular ring (say, Platinum moissanite rings) with a thin band, it is best to go for a size smaller than your finger size.

How to Determine Ring Size

 Measuring Your Ring Size at Home 

Yes, you can measure your ring size from the comfort of your home without hassle. However, you will need a virtual ring size to serve as a guide. The guide typically contains different ring sizes represented by different circles. First, print out the virtual ring size and check the scale with a ruler. Then put on your Round moissanite ring or any ring of choice on your desired finger (on the right hand). Check the internal diameter and match it to the corresponding size on the guide, and you are good to go!

Alternatively, you can use the Paper Technique. First, wrap your finger of choice with a thin piece of paper. Make sure you don’t wrap too tight and that the faux ring fits comfortably. Get a pencil and mark the area where the ends of the paper intersect. 

Then, measure the length of the paper with a ruler and compare the measurement to the circumferences of the rings on the size guide. If you do this technique correctly, then you are sure to find a corresponding ring size, and you can effortlessly buy Round moissanite rings in the perfect size.

The Ring Technique

 If these two methods don’t work, there’s a third that promises to work, and it is called the Ring Technique! For this, get an existing ring that fits the desired finger on your left hand. Place the ring against a ruler and measure the inner diameter of the ring. Then, compare the results to the measurements on the size guide to find your ideal ring size. You can also print out the guide (to scale) and set the ring on top of the ring images to find a ring size that perfectly aligns with yours.

 Enlist Professional Help

 If you don’t want to take any chances by measuring your ring size yourself, it is best to enlist the service of a professional jeweler. Rest assured, a professional will give you an accurate measurement of your ring size. Generally, jewelers use sizing rings, a large chain with a set of rings in various sizes to gauge your ring size.

 All you need to do is try on the rings on the keychain to find your accurate ring size. However, sizing rings for Moissanite rings vary across jewelers. Some jewelers use a standard set while others use a set that mirrors their brand's designs and bandwidths. Optionally, you can purchase an affordable plastic ring sizer from Amazon.

 A rule of thumb when buying moissanite rings in Canada is to go one or two sizes up so the ring can at least fit your or your loved one’s finger. Imagine how embarrassing or annoying it will be if you buy a surprise engagement ring that is too small to fit! 

But here’s the good news, you can always have a ring resized if it is too big or small. Reputable moissanite jewelry stores like AGI design offer a free resizing service for all in-house rings except the full eternity bands. So you can purchase a stunning Round moissanite ring or any moissanite ring from the store and have it resized for free. How convenient!