Everything You Should Know About Forever One Moissanite

Forever One Moissanite and Where They Came From

Cut and faceted by Charles and Colvard, Forever One Moissanite is the brand name when it comes to moissanite jewelry. When looking for moissanite jewelry in Toronto or anywhere for that matter, Forever One moissanite is a popular choice due to the reputable brand and its patented process.

Forever One moissanite

In Canada and the rest of the world, moissanite is described as a stunning gemstone made of silicon carbide, often compared to diamonds because of its durability and fire. Moissanite's origin dates back over 50,000 years ago when it was first created on a meteor.

This meteor was discovered by chemist Henri Moissan, who identified these stunning gemstones embedded in the meteor. After this discovery scientists began looking more into this interesting silicone carbide material and found that it almost never naturally occurs in nature due to its complex formation process. And so the work began to create lab-made moissanite.

This is where Charles and Colvard made their name. In 1995 the first Forever One Moissanite was introduced into the market. This was one of the first and most high-end moissanite available at the time, and since then Charles and Colvard have been releasing these fine stones to be used in moissanite jewelry in Toronto and around the world.

What sets them apart?

What Sets Them Apart?

When looking at moissanite jewelry here at our store in Toronto, in Canada or anywhere in the world you may be faced with deciding between Forever One moissanite and another moissanite brand, such as our premium moissanite. Other than the brand name, due to the reputable brand, decades of research and experience, and their perfected patented process Charles and Colvard's Forever One moissanite do come at a higher price point, and that is why alternative brands are offered. However, Forever One Moissanites do come with the bonus of a limited lifetime warranty provided directly from Charles and Colvard.

What do they look like?

What Do They Look Like?

Although moissanite can come in a variety of different colours Forever One is a colourless moissanite variety meant to highlight their fire and brilliance. These stones are often compared to diamonds because of the sparkle as well as their high durability. These stones are cut and polished to an outstanding degree and excellent symmetry is guaranteed with every stone. Coming in almost every cut, it is clear why Forever One Moissanite is a hit when looking for moissanite jewelry in Canada and beyond.

How can I make my Forever One Moissanite stand out?

How Can I Make My Forever One Moissanite Stand Out?

Depending on the setting, cut and metal you choose you can make your Forever One Moissanite stand out in any way you want. It is very important to consider all these factors when making your own Forever One Moissanite jewelry as each detail could completely change the style, sparkle and uniqueness of the piece.

With stones like the Forever One moissanite, white gold or platinum are a popular choice as they enhance the clear and colourless sparkle of the stone itself, without introducing any more colour. However, if you notice a slight hue to your moissanite you can always try yellow gold which is known for helping adjust the hue visually and create an even more brilliant sparkle. The cut of the stone can also determine whether you want your Forever One moissanite jewelry to resemble a vintage classic or lean towards a more modern timeless look.

Setting your stone can also play a big role in visual style and can help enhance your Forever One moissanite to make it even more brilliant. The options are endless when working with Forever One moissanite, especially in our shop in Toronto. And so to help inspire you or help you find the Forever One moissanite piece you've been looking for we've added 3 of our best Forever One moissanite jewelry pieces.


Abigail Oval Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring

This elegant classic is perfect for a simpler yet elegant look. The hidden halo adds a little bit of sparkle without taking away from the Forever One moissanite and rather enhances its fire and brilliance. The chic band adorned with side stones also helps guide your eye towards the beautiful Forever One center stone. The oval cut of the Forever one Moissanite also helps add some character and dimension adding to its elegance without making it feel too overcrowded with detail.


Nora Forever One Round Moissanite Tulip Engagement Ring

A simple design never diminishes the beauty of a Forever one moissanite but rather enhances it. With minimal detail and very few side stones, the main focus lies on the beautifully cut round Forever One Moissanite. With floral inspiration, this unique ring provides a delicate look accented by such a brilliant stone. Its clean and simple finish is a great spin on modern looks adding a little bit more making a stunning forever one moissanite stand out in a subtle yet astonishing way.


Angel Round Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring

A forever one moissanite has never seen so much sparkle! This stunning piece is filled with fire and brilliance with its round-cut center Forever One center stone adorned and surrounded by plenty of diamonds, which add to the sparkle of the piece. This statement maker is sure to take your breath away with its shimmer alone. The hidden halo provides that background sparkle that not only adds some shine to the stone but helps accentuate the main forever one moissanite. Its inspiration from classic pieces is mixed with almost a vintage feel combining the best of both worlds creating a unique but still timeless piece.

Forever One moissanite