Ideas for Romantic Proposal During This Winter Season

Christmas and the holidays are the most wonderful times of the year! It is no wonder that the holiday season is one of the best times to plan a magical proposal.  Are you thinking about proposing this season? As the holidays approach, joy is in the air, family time abounds, and twinkling lights fill the skies, which means decorating is already done. It is a special moment whenever a marriage proposal occurs, and it is even more magical during the holiday season. This wonderful environment is only brightened more by the experience of receiving a moissanite engagement ring from a loved one. Hopefully these holiday marriage proposal ideas will inspire you to create some holiday magic with your own custom engagement rings. A holiday-themed engagement ring is the perfect way to celebrate an engagement during the holiday season!

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Walking in the Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is a great time to stroll around town or take a trip to a nearby city to see the twinkling lights, store window displays, or seasonal outdoor decorations. Get a hot chocolate and prepare yourself for a romantic stroll with the final destination being a special place for you both, where you'll be able to present her with the magical sparkling Forever One moissanite engagement  ring.The moissanite gemstone is the ideal gemstone for creating an amazing and one-of-a-kind engagement ring with its sparkle even more beautiful than the snowflakes falling. For a stunning effect, a moissanite can be surrounded by a halo of small lab-created diamonds. White gold or platinum are the best metals to use for this themed ring.


Christmas Tree Farm Proposal

The Christmas tree concept is a wonderful and romantic way to propose to your loved one. If you wish to take this classic wedding proposal idea one step further, you might want to consider proposing at a Christmas tree farm in order to add an extra touch. It would be a great idea to coordinate with a Christmas tree farm in advance of your visit and ask them if you can ornament one of their trees with a message of your proposal in advance. You can pick out the perfect tree, adorn it with whatever decorations you want, and then have the tree farm company watch over the tree while you are gone for a few hours. You can then get your partner to come along with you to take part in the process of choosing the tree for this year and get down on one knee when you reach the tree you have selected and propose to her with a gorgeous green moissanite engagement ring. Trees, or wreaths, are the inspiration for this memorable moissanite and lab-created diamond wedding band. Green moissanite engagement ring is an appropriate gift for the Christmas season, but it also symbolizes the many seasons to come-from spring through summer-for all the time you’ll spend together.


Santa Engagement Ring Delivery

In case you have an engagement ring on your holiday wishlist, be sure to ask Santa for something shiny and you might just get it, delivered by the very man himself, sure to brighten up your holidays! Your sweetheart's wish can be fulfilled by having you make her the custom engagement ring of her dreams using aqua-teal moissanite. The aqua-teal moissanite is one of the most popular stones among moissanite jewelry. Lab-created diamonds can be used as accent stones in an engagement ring as a way to nod to the holiday in a subtle way. Combined with a yellow gold band, aqua-teal moissanite  does not scream “Christmas!” yet still serves to preserve the romantic memories associated with the holiday.

As an additional surprise, you can dress up as Santa and deliver it yourself.



Christmas Lights

Observe all the decorated houses in your town, take a road trip to your nearest holiday light display, or create one yourself. When you can't imagine how more perfect the moment could be, you top it off with a proposal wrapped in the beauty of the lights and Christmas decor. An abstract or subtle Christmas theme engagement ring will be the perfect fit for the holiday lights proposal. Using a little creativity, there are a couple of ways to achieve this look: one is to create an elongated-shaped moissanite engagement ring with a marquise cut or a thin pear-cut moissanite. An engagement ring band crafted from rose gold can also emulate the warmth of fire.

Any or all of these style tips  can be utilized to create a beautiful Christmas light moissanite engagement ring that speaks to you and your significant other.


It's time to start designing your custom engagement ring if you intend to propose with one around the holidays. Since custom designs take time, there isn't much time left before Christmas, but with the help of AGI Design, you can make the right decision and secure the perfect ring. In Toronto, AGI Design offers a large inventory of moissanite engagement rings that will certainly help you go ahead with your Christmas proposal plan.

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