Interesting Facts About Engagement Rings You Need to Know

Origin of Engagement Rings

Many historians and researchers believe that the origins of engagement rings came all the way from ancient Egypt, with this tradition then being adapted by the ancient Greeks. However the first reliably traceable history of engagement rings dates back to ancient Rome. A tradition from ancient Rome also led to the practice of wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger. Although the engagement rings back then weren't elegant moissanite rings, the woman of ancient Rome still adorned beautiful gold engagement rings in public, and switched to an iron when completing house duties. Some believe that this engagement ring was part of the "bride price" which was necessary to pay to the bride's family to guarantee and secure the engagement. The infamous and luxurious diamond engagement ring was first documented during the Renaissance period where it was used to signify engagement. From that point on diamond engagement rings grew in popularity until the great depression where a drastic decrease in engagement rings was seen. Soon after World War 2 many companies began reinvesting and trying to popularize engagement rings once again leading to new and beautiful designs and discoveries such as lab-created diamond engagement rings, luxurious platinum engagement rings and the fiery moissanite engagement ring.

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The Perfect Time

Only you can truly know when it's the perfect time to propose. Whether that be a month or years after knowing them, proposing can be a nerve racking process. However there are some key times that could make your proposal sparkle almost as much as your ring! Holidays such as Christmas or New Years are often a quick and popular choice for many. With a beautiful background of glimmering lights and majestic fireworks, getting on your knee and pulling out your custom made moissanite or lab-created diamond engagement ring will only add to the magic of the moment. However for some this is an already stressful time and so adding engagement on top can be overwhelming. And that is completely understandable. Does your partner prefer pear cut or round moissanite? A beautiful rose gold custom piece or a stunning and elegant white gold classic? All important things to consider and for some, the holidays do not give ample time to take this thing into account. Valentine's day is another quite popular time to pull out that luxurious Forever One- moissanite and ask the question. But as love and romance fill the air the fact of the matter is that you’ll be sharing this special day with so many others. So if you're looking for something unique, Valentine's Day might not be the right time. The perfect time might be a day special to both of you. Not necessarily a holiday but a day with meaning where that sparkly platinum engagement ring will only add joy, love and new begging to your life.

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A Lovers Satisfaction

Did you know that according to some surveys, over half of women proposed to were unhappy with their engagement ring. This however is not a reason to panic and stress but rather an opportunity to consider exactly what your partner loves. Instead of rushing into this, consider whether your partner would prefer a platinum or gold engagement ring. Would they rather a moissanite or lab-created diamond? Even something like the cut has to be considered. If your partner is more into a chic modern look you might opt for a oval cut moissanite engagement ring, whereas if vintage is your loved ones style maybe they’d prefer a round cut moissanite engagement ring. Here at AGI Design we are also always happy to help you find the perfect ring for your loved one. We wanna help you make your significant other love their engagement ring almost as much as they love you!

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Love Comes in Pairs

A fact a lot of people don’t know about is the fact that many engagement rings come with matching wedding bands. Oftentimes couples run into a problem when their wedding bands don’t sit flush with their engagement ring or don’t even match the style! Whether you have a lab created diamond and platinum engagement ring or a rose gold oval moissanite ring it is important that you choose a wedding band that compliments the engagement ring and doesn’t take away from its beauty, sparkle or elegance. That’s why it is becoming more and more popular to get matching sets of engagement rings and wedding bands to ensure this beautiful pair.

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Custom Engagement Rings

Did you know that you can make your engagement ring as personal as you want. Here at AGI Design you can create your dream engagement ring. Whether that be a stunning lab-created diamond ring or a Forever One moissanite piece, we are here to help add a personal touch to your special moment. Making a custom engagement ring just goes to show that you went a step further and wanted to make this moment as special as possible. We are here to help your passion, love and fire for your partner become a breathtaking piece that will leave your significant crying tears of joy.

Custom Engagement Rings