Things to Consider About Moissanite Before You Buy!

Moissanite is becoming a popular option among couples looking to buy affordable, sustainable, high-quality wedding bands and engagement rings. However, it is essential to note that moissanite is its own unique stone. Before purchasing a moissanite engagement ring, wedding band or any piece of jewellery from our store in Toronto or anywhere in the world it's important to keep a few things in mind!

Moissanite is not diamond

Moissanite is Not Diamond

Although many commonly assume moissanite and diamonds are basically the same thing, this is not true. Although the two stones do have some visual similarities and a similar hardness and durability the basic chemical structure of the two stones is completely different. Diamonds are made from a carbon crystalline structure whereas moissanite is made from a unique formation of silicon carbide.

Diamonds and moissanite also sparkle differently. Moissanite specifically is revered for its fire. A unique sparkle that creates a beautiful visual display, especially in natural light. Don't try and pass off your moissanite wedding band, engagement ring or jewellery piece as a diamond. Appreciate moissanite for what it is and be proud of it. This unique and equally valuable and beautiful stone creates the same if not a better elegance and allure on the hand of its beholder.

An Eternal Investment

An eternal investment

One of the greatest honours in one's family is being given a generational family ring to propose with. With this arises the question of durability and eternal quality. Everyone knows a diamond is forever but similarly so is moissanite. It is important to keep in mind that when you buy a moissanite engagement ring, wedding band or any other moissanite piece you are investing in a piece that will carry a strong and beautiful history with it for generations. There is no need to be worried about its quality and visual beauty declining over the years as moissanite is known for its long-lasting fire, durability and ability to take people's breath away.

Many people also consider their jewellery as a sort of investment. A material item that can hold resale value and be used as a generational financial safe-keep. Many people assume that because moissanite is not necessarily as rare as diamond they possess little resale value.

This however is not true. High-quality moissanite wedding bands, engagement rings and other moissanite pieces made from quality moissanite and metals hold extremely high resale value due to the divine craftsmanship as well as the actual quality of the materials used. If a concern you have about buying moissanite is that it will lose value as you pass it down the generations, you can set this worry aside. If properly cared for, your moissanite engagement ring, wedding band or any moissanite piece can bring joy, happiness, beauty and financial security for generations.

Cut, clarity and colour

Cut, Clarity and Colour

When buying a moissanite engagement ring, wedding band or any moissanite piece it is key to consider the colour, clarity and cut of the stone. Although brands like Forever One by Charles & Colvard provide completely colourless moissanite, for those looking at alternative brands some moissanite may appear to have slight yellowish or grey hues.

Although not a major issue for some, moissanite graded slightly colourless or even ones with a yellowish hue can look different in certain light conditions as well as will look visually different with some settings and metal choices. The clarity grading indicates any inclusions, which are imperfections within the stone. Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and create no visual or structural differences in the stone but it's still important to look out for stones with heavier inclusions that can make the stone appear cloudy or have feather-like cracks as this affects both the durability and brilliance of the stone.

Don't be afraid to ask your jeweller about your moissanite to make sure that you are getting the colour and grading of only the highest quality. Here at AGI Design, we ensure that our moissanite jewellery, whether it be a moissanite wedding band or an engagement ring, comes with only the highest quality moissanite to ensure that the stone in your piece sparkles with clarity and elegance. The cut of the stone is one of the more self-explanatory considerations that need to be taken into account.

Whether it be a pear, or a princess cut the cut will affect the moissanites final appearance and general feel. Different cuts have different aesthetics that come with them and work differently in unique settings and with unique metals. Choosing the right cut can help influence whatever look you are young to go for, whether it be a vintage style or a chic modern look.

Moissanite Jewelry

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Sustainable Moissanite Jewelry?

Here at AGI Design, we offer a variety of designs that use high-quality moissanite for all. If you are working with a strict budget or have a beautiful design personal to you in mind we are more than happy to assist you in the process of creating a moissanite engagement ring, wedding band or any piece for that matter.  We also offer a variety of ready-to-ship moissanite pieces from right here in our workshop based in Toronto. Here at AGI, we want you to be proud of your moissanite jewellery and love the piece just as much as you loved that special person in your life.

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