Tips for Customising your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most special days of your life. Your engagement ring is the special piece of jewellery you will ever own, and it will carry its speciality forever. Your wedding band is something you will wear forever to show your love for your partner. Therefore, it's crucial that your engagement ring or wedding band reflects your sense of taste. But how can you be certain that your wedding band is a true representation of your taste in a world when the options seem to be endless? Numerous couples are adding amazing unique touches to their wedding ring designs as the trend towards personalisation gains popularity daily.


Inscribing wedding rings is a time-honoured custom of lovers that has gained popularity ever since the Middle Ages. Couples in the courts of mediaeval Europe would select verses from love poems to adorn rings made of priceless metals. One of the simplest ways to personalise your wedding band is to inscribe inscriptions or numbers on the band. This design technique is still used today. Does your spouse and you share a special phrase, address, or nickname? Hand-engraving emotional sentiments, significant dates, or even moving song lyrics can add an extra special touch to your ring in a subtle yet powerful way. As a method to connect your wedding bands as a matched pair, you might even have a song or phrase engraved that begins on your ring and ends on your spouse's.



Engrave motifs or other patterns on the band's outside to draw attention to your special love tale. Your wedding band engraving will serve as a visual expression of your style, and options range from wheat, which is a classic design, to scroll patterns that are typically found on antique and vintage style rings. Every personality has an outside engraving design, and your imagination is the only limit! What about an organic, floral arrangement for a feminine bride? Or numerals provide for a powerful statement in a modest design for couples who want to gently indicate a specific day or time. There are so many unique and special ways to commemorate this special bond and have it showing to the world from the outside of your ring.


The Hidden Gems

A little gemstone set inside the band of your wedding band can be the ideal choice if you're seeking for a modest approach to personalise it. This customisation method, which is covert and significant, is a personal proclamation of love that emphasises the unique bond you and your lover share. It gives you the option to customise your wedding band without altering its outward appearance, making it the perfect choice for couples who want less obvious expressions of distinct style. A hidden gem that only you and your lover know about. Why not further customise the piece by setting your partner's birthstone or favourite gemstone inside the band? The image below with the words "Forever & Always" demonstrates how well this design style works with a personalised engraving.


Selecting the Metal

Consider finding a wedding ring design you like and wanting to add your own flair to it. Selecting an alternative metal finish can provide you and your partner with the perfect customised engagement ring or wedding band. Regardless of the design of your wedding band, we can alter the band so that it has the final aesthetic of your choice. Each band can have a different finish to create a completely individual design that is perfect for you. You may imbue your style onto the metal and get the distinctive look you choose, whether you decide to give it a classic polished finish or a modern satin look. Traditional polished, satin, hammered, and pebbled finishes, which each provide your band a slightly distinct variety of reflectiveness and texture, are popular choices for wedding bands. Consider a finish with hundreds of small elevated metal parts arranged in an almost-weaved pattern, such as wire brushed, soft brush finished, sandblasted, matte, or florentine, for a cutting edge appearance.


Metal Combinations

Two-tone wedding rings are a fantastic option for couples that enjoy contrasts. These unique-looking rings are quickly gaining popularity as a modern wedding style because they make a strong statement. The wedding band's use of two precious metals adds colour, personality, and your unique tastes to the design of your most cherished jewellery item. 


Combining metals is a terrific way to include your favourites without feeling constrained by a single colour, and it frequently produces a contemporary finish. In order for it to stand out as something that was specifically picked by you, you may also intensify this colour difference by placing diamonds or coloured gemstones into each metal. You may truly highlight the beauty and colour tones of your chosen gemstones or diamonds by picking a metal hue that will compliment the colour of your stones, such as rose gold with pink sapphires, for example. You can give the modern appearance of mixed metals an antique edge by combining them with lovely milgrain - a metal beading method that's perfect for vintage-loving brides to be. The perfect vintage wedding ring. There are so many ways to customise your engagement ring or wedding bands to represent the love you and your partner share. No matter if it is a moissanite engagement ring, forever one moissanite, or a lab created diamond wedding or engagement ring, there is an infinite amount of ways to personalise your jewellery.