What Stone Size Should I Choose For My Moissanite Engagement Ring?

When it comes to choosing the perfect moissanite engagement ring for your loved one, choosing the right moissanite stone size can be confusing and overwhelming. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring, but it's important to remember that how big your moissanite is or what carat weight you select has nothing to do with how much you love your significant other or how much they love you. There is no rule that says bigger is always better. In fact, we are of the opinion that bigger is not always better - especially when it comes to choosing a moissanite size that compliments your personal style, stature, hand size, setting preference, and budget.


Considering Partner’s Lifestyle

The most important thing is to pick out something that your partner will not only cherish and love, but also wish to wear everywhere they go. Choose a moissanite engagement ring that will enhance their everyday appearance and complement their lifestyle. If they are extravagant and bold in their style, then a larger stone will be ideal for them. If they are minimalists and don't enjoy a lot of attention, then choose a size that will be visible enough for them but won't draw too much unwanted attention. There should just be enough of a sense of elegance to the more minimalistic size of that moissanite so that it can attract those beautiful compliments. 

In addition, we need to consider whether your partner has an active lifestyle or a career that requires a lot of physical activity. Someone who works with their hands (such as a teacher or a stay-at-home mother) or enjoys active hobbies (such as gardening or going to the gym) would probably benefit from a moissanite ring with a smaller center gemstone.

Are there any other items of jewelry that your partner wears as well? Balancing the size of your stone with their regular everyday jewelry can help enhance the engagement ring while ensuring it fits in with their overall look.

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Standard Moissanite Size

There is a wide range of sizes available in moissanite engagement rings. The most preferred size for moissanite center stones used to be 1 carat moissanite, but more recently we are seeing a shift towards slightly larger moissanite stones, with most couples choosing moissanite averaging 1.25 - 1.5 carats in their moissanite engagement rings. Some couples choose custom engagement rings with even larger moissanite gemstone.


The Moissanite Cut

In addition to the previous point, this is another factor that may have a substantial impact on the moissanite size. There are a number of cuts that can make a stone appear larger than it actually is such as oval cuts, marquise cuts, and pear cuts. Their elongated shapes play a significant role in this. 

Another popular cut in platinum moissanite rings is the round brilliant cut. This type of cut ensures that all the facets of the stone are visible from all angles. It makes the round moissanite stand out more because of this effect. 

You can choose from the princess cut, which is considered a classic, or you might go for the famous radiant shape. You might want to even give the cushion moissanite engagement ring a try if your fiance enjoys unique custom jewelry. As a result, she will feel as though she's a gem that deserves to be cherished.


The Best Way to Stand Out With a Smaller Moissanite Ring

A moissanite engagement ring can stand out without having to mount an unusually large gemstone. Consider buying a colored moissanite engagement ring if you're looking for a moderately-sized ring that will certainly get noticed. Moissanite can be found in almost any color you can think of. Whether it is a gray, green, or blue moissanite stone, it would make a beautiful piece of custom jewelry that would catch the eye without being too large. Moissanite engagement rings with fancy colored moissanite certainly add a splash of color and personality. Once it is accompanied by a lab-created diamond wedding band it will be even more stunning.


Creating a halo engagement ring with Forever One moissanite might be another good option to use. A halo around your Forever One moissanite center stone often makes your ring look a little fancier and bigger. 


A three-stone engagement ring is another way to increase the overall carat weight of your ring without having an unusually large center stone.

In addition, the type of metal you use for your settings also plays a very important role. A metal like white gold or platinum will elevate the moissanite stone. The brilliance and shine of platinum moissanite rings are enhanced by the luminance and brilliance of the stone.


There is no doubt that an engagement ring represents the love and commitment shared between two people. Whichever moissanite you choose for your partner, let it be a symbol of endless love.